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Invisible Jean Patches!

These jean patches are fantastic for fixing jeans without seeing the repair. We offer 2 different types of backing patches. The first is our denim backing patch which is great for high wear areas and the ultra thin product works fantastic without showing through the jeans as much as the denim backing patch. Both patches apply in seconds and last an incredible number of wash and dry cycles. We are so confident in our products we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. No other patch on the market offers such a guarantee.

You will be amazed at the quality of these patchest!

Denim Backing Patches Jean Patches that go on the inside of Jeans

iron on backing jean patches

The perfect iron on patch for repairing holes from the inside of jeans. Not only do these patches make an excellent repair, but they are super soft and flexible. The inside (cotton side) of the denim is exposed for comfort. Excellent for adding extra cushioning to jeans or reinforcement of worn jeans. Applies in seconds with an iron. This product is for rips or tears in denim jeans. If you use this product for holes, you may see the adhesive through the front side of the jeans..

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Denim Backing Patches

Thin Backing PatchesExcellent for repairing all sorts of Rips and Tears.

iron on backing jean patches

If you are looking for a great way to prevent holes from getting larger on a pair of designer jeans, have torn school uniforms,or tears in other clothing - this is the patch for you! The great thing about this iron on patch is its strength combined with its comfort and thickness. This patch is so thin, you will barely see the outline on the top side of the material that you are repairing. As with our other backing patches, they are meant to go on the inside of clothing and they are extremely comfortable. Product is more white than appears in photo!

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Ultra Thin High Strength Backing Patches

Large Iron on PatchesGreat patch for your existing work pants

patches to fix holes in work pants

The perfect iron on patches for larger areas. Use these patches on fabrics that can withstand high temperatures. This product works excellent for natural fabrics such as denim, cotton, canvas, but synthetics need to be tested - most nylons, polyesters, etc... will melt.

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Sizes of Denim Jean Patches


Many jeans today come pre-cut with holes all over the place. The original look of these types of jeans is very trendy, but what happens when the hole begins to get larger and you want to maintain the look without a gapping hole in your jeans.If you do not like your skin showing through or would like to add additional accents. Our Iron Patches applique adhesive is a great solution. If the tear or hole is small a scrap pair of denim works great to prevent the hole from getting larger.

If you are using a piece of denim to prevent the hole from getting larger, apply the adhesive on the top side of the fabric so that the cotton is against your skin. Make contours on the edges of the patch to make the appearance on the outside of the jean to look less rigid as shown below.

Application Instruction for patching worn areas or tears:
1. Use our Backing Patches

2. Preheat your iron for 3 – 5 minutes on the highest setting without steam

3. Begin by determining the areas that you would like to repair.  If you are repairing a hole in a pair of jeans, check-out our articles on repairing holes

4. Measure the tear that you are trying to fix.  Take a piece of denim backing patch (these patches are different because the adhesive is on the top side of the jean material and the cotton side is exposed to provide additional comfort).  Cut the backing patch about an inch wider than the tear on all sides and add a little contour to the patch to reduce the patch translating or showing through the front side of the jeans (a random cut versus a straight cut works best).

5. With the front side of the jeans facing you, place the patch through the tear.  Make sure the patch is centered within the tear.

6. Line-up the tear so that the jeans look straight.

7. Begin ironing one side of the tear and then re-straighten the tear to make sure it is a nice neat repair and then iron the other side.

8. Now that the patch is temporarily in place, turn the jeans inside out (be careful because the jeans will now be very hot!) Finish by ironing the backside of the jeans for 45 to 60 second while applying pressure to the patch.

9. Turn the jeans so the front side is facing you and trim any excess treads and now your jeans are repaired

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